Home » Super Junior prepares series of events to thank fans for Mamacita’s ongoing success


Ever since Mamacita Music Video was released, Super Junior promised ELFs that for every million views that will be added, the members will give surprises and events. But since they have been busy with preparations for Super Show 6 and the views were unexpectedly fast their preparations for the surprise events and videos were delayed.


Today, October 1st, Super Junior announced that they will now proceed with the surprises for every million views on in their music video “MAMACITA.” One of the surprises was revealed to be their never before seen videos that Super Junior created! Yes, they personally edited it said by Shindong. And they will not only release surprise videos but they are also going to have special events for their dear fans like free hug, shake hands etc. Super Junior said to keep checking and updating their Social Networking Sites on where and when these surprise events will occur. These  surprise events were to thank ELFs for the 11 million views and counting on Youtube and for their 10th win for the promotions of Mamacita at the music shows.


Remember the past events they did when the Mamacita videos views were increasing millions by millions, Super Junior released behind the scenes from the making of Mamacita, they also wore a T-shirt that Shindong made because of their betting and they released drama version of the music video as well.

Who’s excited for their fan events? I AM!!!