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Super Junior member Kim Kibum surprises fans after making a new status update in ten months.

On July 17, Kibum posts a new tweet in his own Twitter account, with a short greeting, “Hello.”

The new status update is Kibum’s first tweet after ten months. His last tweet was on September of last year.

He returned to the social media site after a two-year hiatus last September, in which he tweeted, “Guess who’s back?”, the post was then deleted as well as his other tweets.

Many netizens were surprised to the idol’s status update and have wondered what could have prompted Kibum to tweet this time.

Meanwhile, other fans have speculated that it may have been because the other Super Junior members have recently mentioned him during their appearance on MBC’s “Radio Star”.

In the interview, MC Kim Gura asked the Super Junior members, “What happened to our friend Kibum?”

Kim Gura

Leeteuk then reveals, “Kibum is currently working on a new drama and he is on hiatus from Super Junior.”

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MC Kim Gook Jin then asks, “Does it mean that he is still a member of the group or not?” Eunhyuk then responds, “Of course, he is still a member of Super Junior, but he is focusing on his aspirations of becoming an actor and is no longer promoting as a singer along with the rest of us Super Junior members.”

Kim Gura finally asks, “If he says that we wants to come back, would you let him?” Eunhyuk then nods his head and says, “Of course”.