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Wonder Girls members Sunye and Sohee have officially departed from the group.

It has been revealed by JYP Entertainment that the two members Sunye and Sohee would be leaving Wonder Girls.

Earlier, it has been revealed that former member Sunmi would be rejoining the group along with remaining members Yenny, Yubin, and Hyelim. The quartet is aiming for a summer comeback since their three-year hiatus.

Fans thought that Sunye and Sohee would be rejoining the group at a later date, however, it has now been confirmed that they would be officially leaving the group.

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JYP Entertainment reveals, “Sunye and Sohee, who are both active as Wonder Girls members, have now withdrawn from the group. Wonder Girls would be promoting as a four member group with Yenny, Yubin, Sunmi and Hyelim.”

The agency also reveals that Sun terminated her contract to be able to devote her time for her family, while Sohee has not been under contract with JYP Entertainment for some time. Sohee has withdrawn from the group to focus on her acting pursuits.

Despite Sunye and Sohee’s withdrawal from the group, they are still very supportive of the remaining member’s comeback preparations. Both of them also wrote heartfelt messages for their fans, thanking them for their support.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of Wonder Girls would be making their comeback this July as a band.

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