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INFINITE leader Sunggyu unveils the group’s dorm refrigerator and shocks everyone with its contents.

On the recent episode of JTBC’s cooking variety show “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”, Sunggyu reveals INFINITE’s dorm refrigerator. He also reveals that it is the refrigerator which he shares with fellow members Hoya and Dongwoo.


Before they began to unveil the contents of the refrigerator, MCs Jung Hyung Don and Kim Sung Joo handed out face masks and revealed, “For the first time, the staffs gave us face masks,” and have warned the guests as well as the chefs regarding the contents of the said refrigerator.

infinite refrigerator

When the inside of INFINITE’s dorm refrigerator was revealed, it looked like a normal refrigerator at first, however as the MCs checked and went through each item, everyone was shocked.

INFINITE’s dorm refrigerator has been revealed to have instant food which has rotted as well as foods which are very difficult to recognize as they have passed their expiration dates.

Girl’s Generation member Sunny then puts on the mask which the MCs gave her and jokingly yells, “I want to stay alive!”

sunny ptcomr

Previously, Sunny unveiled Girl’s Generation’s dorm refrigerator which she shares with co-members Taeyeon and Tiffany, and talked about the famous ‘SNSD Diet’.

snsd refrigerator 2

Meanwhile, the chefs who needed to cook from the contents of INFINITE’s dorm refrigerator were put into a bind as most of its contents went straight into the trash can.



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