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Former member of first generation idol group Fin.K.L, now turned actress, Sung Yuri reveals that she is not so sure about a reunion of Fin.K.L.

On an interview on October 26, Sung Yuri reveals, “I am honestly not confident about a reunion.”

She further reveals, “Fin.K.L was active for only three to four years. We did not go on stage together for 12 years since then, so if you would suddenly told us to do it, the amazing name of Fin.K.L would be on the line. It would make me feel so nervous.”

Sung Yuri also adds, “Also nowadays, the days of lip syncing are over and I’m afraid that we would be breaking the fantasies of the pretty Fin.K.L in the past. I am worried and honestly, I am not confident. People think that Fin.K.L was active for a long period, I think that it was because we worked so hard in a short period of time.”

The first generation female idol group consists of four members, namely Lee Hyori, Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Jin and Sung Yuri. They debuted in 1998 with their album “Blue Rain” under DSP Media.


In 2002 the group members decided to go on their separate ways with the members releasing their solo albums or starting a solo career in acting. In 2005, the group made a comeback with the digital single “Fine Killing Liberty,” however it was not really promoted and thus it failed to reach the charts.

Meanwhile, Sung Yuri is currently promoting her new film, “Sorry, I Love you, Thank You” which would be released on October 29.


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