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Starship Entertainment apologizes for trespassing into Sinduri Beach and Dunes during their filming for a music video of Cosmic Girls for their upcoming album “The Secret.”

Recently, the girl group and their management agency have been under fire after crossing the boundaries of a landmark. Although there is a particular area where tourists could take photos, it has been said that Cosmic Girls and their staff went beyond the boundary and actually stepped on the natural sand dunes. It was also reported that the caretakers of the area have warned the girl group and their staff multiple times to leave the area.

With regards to the issue, Starship Entertainment releases an official statement which says, “First of all, we would like to apologize for the controversy which has come during our filming at the Sinduri Beach and Dunes.”

They also add, “Moreover, we believed that we had received the go signal from a third party production company which we hired for the MV filming, and since it was a location which has been used for many times for filming purposes, we thought that there would be no issues. But, after finding out that the filming was not allowed, we stopped the crew from filming. We will not also include this footage in the music video. Again, we would like to apologize, and we will make sure that incidents like this would not happen once again.”

Meanwhile, Cosmic Girls upcoming album “The Secret” would be released on August 17.

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