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Actor Song Jae Rim and actress Kim So Eun thank MBC’s “We Got Married” for their chemistry in the upcoming SBS drama “Our Gab Soon.”

The former “We Got Married” couple looks back their experience on the show and reveals that it helped their chemistry for their new drama.

In an interview, Kim So Eun shares, “We are a really great fit. There is no problem with our chemistry. In the drama, we play a couple who has been dating for ten years. Since we did ‘We Got Married,’ the acting comes very naturally.”

Song Jae Rim also reveals, “My first filming in the drama was with Kim So Eun. It was very comfortable since we spent a lot of time together during the couple of months that we did ‘We Got Married.’”

Meanwhile, the former “We Got Married” couple appeared in the fourth season of the program, starting from September 2014 up to June 2015.

The upcoming drama, “Our Gab Soon” will start on August 27 and will take over the slot of the ongoing drama “Yeah, That’s How It Is.” It would then air every Saturdays and Sundays at 9 pm KST. Aside from Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun, the show also stars Jang Yoon, Ko Du Shim, Lee Mi Young and Yoo Sun.

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