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Actress Song Hye Kyo files a lawsuit against makeup brand J.Estina for portrait rights violation.

Previously, it has been reported that the jewelry company distributed images of the actress across the company’s social media platforms and in-store advertisements without Song Hye Kyo’s consent even after her contract expiration back in January.

Although J.Estina has a product placement contract with the KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun,” in which the actress played the lead role, the company has distributed images and videos of her from the drama to which the agency argues that Song Hye Kyo’s consent is needed.

Her management agency UAA reveals, “As an actor/actress, wearing PPL products is a duty if it helps in the production costs. But, exposure must be limited to viewing the actual drama.”

As a result, the actress is seeking compensation from J.Estina. UAA also reveals that Song Hye Kyo is planning to donate the compensation for the development of young designers.

UAA then reveals the reason for her donation by saying, “It is a common experience for big companies to steal the designs of small businesses. As a result, new designers in Korea have their morale crushed due to unfair actions by big companies. They lose their dreams and jobs. Song Hye Kyo plans to donate the full amount of compensation from the lawsuit with the makeup company to new designers to support them to continue their dreams as designers.”

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