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g.o.d. member Son Ho Young shared his thoughts about trying out for professional bowling next year.

The first generation idol member talked about his determination while attending a professional bowling tournament as a spectator.

When asked about his preferred bowling style, Son Ho Young shared, “I use both of my hands, so Jason Belmonte, who also uses both hands is my role model. I watch a lot of his games. I also practice whenever I can.”

The artist then talked about his plans in trying out to be a professional bowler by saying, “I registered to try out this year with Kim Soo Hyun and the others. However, my schedule did not work out. But, I will definitely try out next year.”

When his bowling coach got asked about Son Ho Young’s skills, he shared, “Son Ho Young is very diligent and practices hard. At his peak, he maintained 190s. These days, the average dropped since he has been busy. However, it will get better when he resumes regular practicing.”

This year, celebrities such as actor Kim Soo Hyun and F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki are among the list of artists who have tried out for the Korean Professional Bowlers Association (KPBA) last October. However, both of them did not make the final cut.

Aside from his activities with g.o.d, Son Ho Young is also known for appearing in the musicals, “Fame” and “All Shook Up.”

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