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Leader Somin from the rookie group April withdraws from the group.

On November 9, it has been revealed by the rookie group’s management agency DSP Media that the leader of April has withdrawn from the group.

The agency further revealed that after much thought and discussion, Somin has decided to leave the rookie girl group. However, she would be staying as an artist of DSP Media. April on the other hand, would then be reformed as a five-member girl group with the members Chaewon, Hyunjoo, Naeun, Yena and Jinsol.

The group made their debut in August 24 with the song “Dream Candy,” under their debut album “Dreaming”, having a cute and innocent concept. They also made their debut showcase called “April Debut Showcase–Live” through Naver‘s V app.


In 2012, Somin became a member of girl group Puretty which is also under DSP Media. It debuted in Japan with the song “Cheki☆Love”. In 2014, the group disbanded with plans to reform into other groups.

After Puretty’s disbandment, Somin then became a finalist of “KARA Project,” which is a show where seven trainees from DSP Media compete for the chance to become the next member of KARA. Somin ended up in second place, with Youngji becoming the winner and thus becoming KARA’s new member.

Meanwhile, April would be making their comeback as five-member group at the end of November this year.

Stay tuned for more updates about April and Somin’s future projects!


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