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LABOUM member Solbin talks about how their group secretly eat snacks inside their dorm.

On the recent broadcast of “Video Star,” Solbin appeared as a special guest. During the show, the guests were offered midnight snacks, but Solbin turned down the offer saying that she is on a diet. To this, Park Na Rae commented, “I saw you eating ramen on ‘Running Man.’”

Solbin then replied, “I only ate two bites for the first time in a year, and it was really good.”

The LABOUM member then reveals how they manage to fool their manager so that they could be able to eat midnight snacks in their dorm.

She revealed, “We would pretend to be throwing out garbage by taking out a box. We put the snack inside the empty box and pretend that it is an empty box by handling it as if it were light and then come back inside.”

“Or, right in front of the entrance CCTV, the members would fight each other. Each member would act angry and grab another’s clothes and go out. Then, when the midnight snack comes, we would hide the food in our clothes, come in and dramatically make up in front of the CCTV. Then, we go inside and eat,” Solbin adds.

Meanwhile, the group made their debut in 2014. Their latest comeback was the track “Shooting Love” which they released in August this year.


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