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SM Entertainment has been revealed to have won the lawsuit of return of advance payment against former EXO member Tao.

The management agency also releases a statement regarding the lawsuit. SM Entertainment reveals,

S.M. ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. Is currently in the middle of a lawsuit against EXO members Kris, Luhan and Tao regarding their illegal activities in China. The Chinese court has decided that Tao should pay back SM what they had paid him in advance with full interest.

Last April 2015, Tao left EXO and SM Entertainment without permission and have requested the company to pay him in advance. In attempt to accommodate him better as an agency, SM Entertainment fulfilled his request. However, despite the fact that he knew the bank account information of the company, he did not pay back the amount he owed within the promised timeline and pressed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for the nullification of his contract.

The verdict of the Chinese court is a case where justice have prevailed. Tao failed to be an ethical model and pursued illegal activities with other agencies in China. He disregarded the most basic of ethical codes that make up our society.

We would not be satisfied here and will move to take legal action against all activities which infringes the rights of SM and EXO. We would do our best to represent the innocent victims and prevent the cultural export between China and Korea from receiving further damages.

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