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SM Entertainment has responded to the rumors circulating that EXO’s Lay would appear together with EXO former members Luhan and Wu Yi Fan on an event.

SM Entertainment has received reports that Lay was being invited to Bazaar Charity Night in China along with Luhan and Wu Yifan. A poster for the said event has also circulated online.

As a result, the fans have heavily discussed the possible reunion of the three Chinese members of EXO. They were wondering if the event is true and if the three members would interact with each other.

In response, SM Entertainment has clarified the rumors saying that the special appearance on the event as well as the poster is not true. The management agency has further revealed that Lay is scheduled for another event scheduled at the same period.


SM Entertainment has also reached out to the fans in order to emphasize that the posters are fake, allegedly distributed and made by their Chinese fans.

However, the event Bazaar Charity Night in China went through as planned with Luhan and Wu Yi Fan in attendance for the event.

Meanwhile, Lay has been busy preparing for EXO’s first dome concert on October 10 in the Seoul Gocheok Dome Baseball Stadium, making them the first idol group to host a concert in a dome at South Korea. Lay is also preparing his promotions for his film debut “Oh My God.”


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