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SM Entertainment’s girl group f(x) has recently filmed their ‘Baskin Robbins’ commercial, however member Sulli was missing. Rumors of Sulli departing the group has surfaced online.


Recently, f(x) leader Victoria had posted in her Instagram account some behind-the-scenes photos of the four f(x) members during the CF shoot. The fans had noticed that among the pictures, Sulli was not present.

There were many speculations of Sulli leaving the group which had surfaced since she recently had a hiatus from her group activities following the dating scandal of her and Dynamic Duo member Choiza. She has been seen doing only her individual activities lately.


The fans were wondering if Sulli was absent from the shoot because she has already departed from the group.

A representative from ‘Baskin Robbins 31’ had clarified the rumors saying, “Sulli was not part of the contract. During the contract signing, it was when the dating scandal of Sulli and Choiza had happened. We have discussed the issue with SM Entertainment and agreed that we will proceed without Sulli.”

SM Entertainment has also responded to the rumors and has said through Star News, “Sulli was not present from the group’s CF shoot because the contract was signed when Sulli was on a hiatus from her promotions.” They have also asked the fans not to speculate anything.

Meanwhile, f(x)’s ‘Bingsu’ song for ‘Baskin Robbins’ is set to be released this month.

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