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SM Entertainment and Victoria’s side have responded to rumors of Victoria requesting for a contract termination from SM after being denied of her request of a personal studio in China.

Previously, the rumors have spread on Weibo when an entertainment insider had posted that f(x) leader Victoria has allegedly requested for a contract termination. The post has immediately garnered the attention from fans.

Victoria’s recent post on Weibo “went to the company for a stroll” along with a photo of her wearing her SMTOWN ID Card has also added fuel to the contract termination rumors.


SM Entertainment has immediately released an official statement denying the rumors saying, “The rumors of contract termination are groundless. Victoria has never asked for a contract termination.”

“We will be helping Victoria to set up a personal studio in China just like what the agency has done for EXO’s Lay,” the agency reveals.

“Victoria’s personal studio would be a part of SM. There is still a full contract with Victoria and SM. We will continue to support and assist her activities in China,” the agency continues.

A representative from Victoria’s side has also released a statement regarding the issue, “Victoria has never requested a contract termination with SM. Recently, both sides are discussing Victoria’s work plan and a studio will be established to expand her career in China.”

“Thank you to SM Entertainment for their support for Victoria, to the media for their concern and to the fans who have protected and defended Victoria regarding this issue,” the representative continues.

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