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SISTAR members talks about the bullying rumors in recent episode of “Hello Counselor”.

On the June 22 episode of KBS talk show “Hello Counselor”, SISTAR members Hyorin, Bora and Soyou appeared as special guests.

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In the show, the host reads a story of someone who had problems regarding a misunderstanding, the members were then asked if they had the same problems as well.

Soyou reveals that the members have exaggerated gestures when talking and has often misunderstood as a harsh action which is why bullying rumors have surfaced in the group.

The members also recall the time when maknae Dasom talks about her insecurities with the other members of the group.

Soyou recounts, “She says, ‘My body is not as nice as yours’”

Hyorin adds, “She was complaining like ‘I want to look like you guys!’”

Soyou and Hyorin also re-enacted the said event where Hyorin plays Dasom and used dramatic gestures while pointing to Soyou’s face, she exclaims, “But you are so pretty! All over! Including your face!”

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The members then imitated Dasom’s famous expression where she pouts while tilting her head to the side. This made people believe that Dasom was being bullied.

The members then revealed that there are times that they get upset whenever the fans misunderstand them but they also acknowledged that it may be because of their fierce and fiery image.

“Since we have a strong image, there were lots of times when we were misunderstood,” explains Soyou.