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Rapper Simon D appears on court to testify for E-Sens regarding his marijuana case.

Simon D and E-Sens formed the duo Supreme Team in 2009 under their management agency Amoeba Culture. However, in 2013, the duo disbanded and E-Sens left their label.

In July of 2015, E-Sens was sentenced to a year and half in prison for marijuana use. His lawyer chose Simon D to testify since he knows more about E-Sens character more than anyone else.

On the trial, Simon D reveals, “I feel some responsibility with the fact that E-Sens turned out like this. While we were working together, I was so busy since I was also doing solo work at the same time and trying to make a living.”

“I feel sorry since i think that i did not do my duty as his hyung. I am now more available, both in terms of time and emotionally. I would be close by his side, even if it is not often and i would do my best to look after him even more that i would if he was my real younger brother,” Simon D adds.

He also reveals that E-Sens has severe obsessive-compulsive, “Even if there is nothing behind him, he would have a habit of looking behind him to check. Also, there are a lot of pens on his desk, but if one of them disappeared or was not in order, he could not stand it and would rearrange them.”

In regards to E-Sens using marijuana, he reveals, “He was in a conflict with our agency that time, he had a lot of complaints regarding the music scene. Because of that, he would act extreme even if he was not drunk. Using marijuana seemed to make him feel calm so he came to depend on it over time.”