Home » Simon D and GRAY talks about the ‘evil editing’ on ‘Show Me the Money’

Rappers and ‘Show Me the Money 5’ judges Simon D and GRAY talks about the infamous ‘evil editing’ in the show.

On Simon D and Gray’s recent ‘W Korea’ photo shoot and interview, the rappers shared their thoughts on ‘evil editing.’

GRAY reveals, “There is no way to fight it. You would have no idea on how they are going to edit scenes. Like, I could be thinking about something with my head down but they could make it seem like I am crying.”

Simon D also shares, “The interviews happen after the recording. It is really the most tiring part. I fall asleep while we are interviewing. I feel like they will interview us while our brains are dead, and we will say some crazy stuff, and that is what they would use. If they happen to use their ‘evil editing’ to make thinks ridiculous, then I will show them what a real devil is.”

He also talks about his AOMG co-founder Jay Park, who previously suffered from the show’s ‘evil editing’ by saying, “Last year, they made Jay Park like a devil. He really prepared hard. However, during the broadcast, they made him look like a gangster who just dances and fools around instead of rapping. Jay Park got angry and wrote about it on Twitter. I will do something much worse than that. I told the staff not to beat me when my back is turned and not to make a fool out of me. I will be okay if I come off as irritating. However, I also want to show people my cool and hip hop side.”


What are your thoughts on ‘evil editing’?