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Male idol group SHU-I has been reported to have officially disbanded.

The male idol group which has debuted last September of 2009 with the digital single “BOMB BOMB BOMB”, has been revealed to have disbanded after six years.

The 5-member boy group has entered the Japanese music scene in 2010 and has focused their promotions in Japan since then.

The news of disbandment has been made through the group’s Japanese website. They also revealed that members Minho, Changhyun and Inseok would be enlisting for military service next year.

They reveal, “To all of the fans of SHU-I, thank yu for always supporting SHU-I. Today, we are sorry to reveal sad news that SHU-I would be disbanding at the end of the year. We are sorry for the abrupt announcement. Members Inseok, Changyhun and Minho would enter the military by 2016.”

“After their military service, the three members are hoping to be able to continue to work in Japan. As soon as we have more details, we would be revealing it on Twitter. Regarding Jinseok, we are currently discussing for him to be active in Japan in the future. We would also be reporting details to you through Twitter when it would be decided. For the meantime, SHU-I would be taking a short rest. Thank you for cheering them on,” they added.

The members have also left their personal message to fans, reminiscing the years that they have spent in the group and apologized for the news of disbandment.


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