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It has been revealed that “Show Me the Money 4” winner Basick and contestant Lil Boi of Geeks would be releasing a song together.

According to sources, Basick and Lil Boi have recently prepared a new track together. While the title of the song has not been revealed yet, the two rappers are planning to release the single on October 5.

Basick and Lil Boi have recently gained attention following their appearance on the Mnet survival rap battle show “Show Me the Money 4.” Before Basick faced off with Song Mino at the final round, he had a rap battle with Lil Boi in the earlier episode.

SMTM Basick Lil Boi 2

Their battle had gained praises from the viewers and the judges on the show, even commenting that their rap battler could be one of the highlights on the season.

SMTM Basick Lil Boi 1

During the part where they had to choose producing teams, Basick joined San E and Verbal Jint’s Brand New Music team, while Lil Boi joined the AOMG team with Jay Park and Loco. Despite having different teams, the two rappers still maintained a close relationship and at the end of the show, they decided to collaborate for a new track.

Meanwhile, their upcoming son would be a used as one of the soundtracks for the upcoming film “The Advocate: the Missing Body,” which features actors Lee Sun Kyun and Kim Go Eun. While the song would not be the official OST, it’s upcoming music video would feature scenes from the movie.


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