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Shinhwa members Eric and Junjin reveal their thoughts on iKON’s lightstick color.

Recently, rookie group iKON’s lightstick color has been revealed to be orange by their management agency YG Entertainment. In addition, the lightstick is called as ‘KONBAT.’ The management agency has also released a user guide regarding how to use the lightstick with the iKON members themselves doing the voice over.

However, it seems that many people are not receiving the news well, particularly the Shinhwa fans.

Although the color is different from Shinhwa’s lightstick color, it has been known by Shinhwa fans that the ‘orange’ in general is a color which is associated to Shinhwa. Moreover, the color dark orange, similar to iKON’s lightstick, has been used by Shinhwa for their balloons and raincoats.


In regards to the issue, Shinhwa members Eric and Junjin took to their own social media accounts to share their thoughts.

Eric posts on his Twitter account, “Hoobaemins (juniors), orange has been Shinhwa Changjo’s color since ’98 when we made our debut. Please avoid orange if possible. Let us meet next year when we promote. From Shinhwa’s Eric.”

Junjin on the other hand shares through his Instagram account, “Shinhwa, Shinhwa Changjo. There is no other words needed heh. See you on Sunday. #Shinhwa #Shinhwachangjo #Orange #StayOrangeTomorrowTooHeh#”

Meanwhile, iKON and YG Entertainment has yet to comment on the issue.

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