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Shinhwa members reveal their thoughts on marriage.

On the recent press conference for Shinhwa’s anniversary concert “HERO” at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, the members reveal their thoughts and plans for marriage.

Donghwan reveals that they have started to talk more about marriage and came into conclusion that there is no need to rush. He also ads, “We agreed to talk about it once again after we turn 40. Also, we would need Eric’s permission to marry.”

Eric then goes to reveal, “We have received lots of questions about marriage since we are at the age to get married. Aside from the fact that we are singers and idols, that is something which nobody really knows until the time that you decide to get married. Until then, we would stay as ‘Solitary Shinhwa.’”

2016 marks Shinhwa’s 18th anniversary since their debut. As a result, the members held their anniversary concert as a special thanks to their fans.

Shinhwa also reveals, “We celebrate every year during March. It holds a special meaning to us. We will continue to work hard to be able to show good performances.”

Meanwhile, the group also revealed during their concert that the first half of 2016 would be devoted to the solo activities of the members, including solo tours, acting projects and variety shows. The group would then be releasing a new album by the second half of the year.


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