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SHINee is one of the amazing and talented R&B South Korean boy bands. They were formed under the SM Entertainment in 2008 and had made their debut on May 25, 2008 in SBS’s Inkigayo with their first promotional single entitled as “Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)” that is literary means that “older girl, you’re so pretty (replay). The group includes their leader Onew, lead vocalist Jonghyun, Key, Minho and youngest Taemin. Ever sine their debut, the groups has already released two albums, three mini albums, and several singles. The group has also won many awards, have done a concert tour and have been starred with their own reality shows. SHINee can be considered as the fashion icon that had started the “SHINee Trend”. The group was set to have their debut in March 2011.

At the middle of their promotional activities for their second studio album, the group has presented in the SM Town Live ’10 World Tour with their label-mates last August 21, 2010 in the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium. They had also done some performance for the said concert in Shanghai and Los Angeles after few days.

Last December 26, 2010, the group held their first concert entitled SHINee World at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan. It was recorded that there were approximately 24,000 attendees in the concert. They had also revealed the music video of their ballad track, “Quasimodo”, from their second album entitled, Lucifer. The boys had also announced that they are going to release their first Japanese language studio release on March 2011 under the management and label of EMI Music Japan.

Last January 1, 2001, the group had performed a concert in the Olympic Park Stadium in Seoul as one of the part of their tour, SHINee World. The next day, they held a press conference before the second half of the concert starts. They had answered various questions, mostly related to their future plans, and also they had announced their debut in Japan, as well as their success in the early year.

SHINee is quite popular because of their fashion style, created by their designer Ha Sang Baek that features high-top of sneakers, bright yet colorful jeans and sweaters. This style has been the reason why most students in the media have the “Shinee Trend”. This has also led to some product endorsement, and promotions for Smart, Reebok, and Nana’s B which is a Korean cosmetic company.

The group is the one who had sang “Stand by Me” for the Korean adaptation drama of popular manga series Boys over Flowers by Yoko Kamio. In addition with their promotional activities to Smart, they had recorded a song titled, “Blue Pink Song” that helps to further advertisement of the product. They had also recorded a digital single “Bodyguard” to promote the Samsung’s Anycall mobile phone. Fro the drama series Dream, they had recorded a song named “Countdown” and “Fly High” for the series Prosecutor Princess. The group also contributed in the soundtrack of Koran National Tourism Organization’s web movie, Haru.