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SHINee members reveal their work relationship as a group.

On the recent broadcast of “Happy Together,” SHINee appeared as special guests.

Host Yoo Jae Suk asks Jonghyun about his previous comment saying that SHINee had been formed because of business reasons.

Jonghyun then explained, “We came together for work. We did not know each other before joining the company.”

Yoo Jae Suk then responds that after nine years of working together, some groups might not describe their relationship as business-like.

Jonghyun then goes to ask Yoo Jae Suk as to how he met Park Myung Soo, to this Yoo Jae Suk responded that they met because of work twenty years ago.

The SHINee member then pointed out, “So you got closer while you worked together. Your relationship was formed because of your job. SHINee is the same way. We are extremely close.”

Minho then commented, “When I first heard that Jonghyun said that, I thought to myself, ‘Why did he have to say it like that?’ I was a bit upset. However, if you try to understand the meaning behind what he said, it is that we were like that in the beginning. However, we are both loyal and close to each other right now. It was because of work that we are able to have this relationship.”

Meanwhile, the group has recently made their comeback with their eight album, “1 of 1.”


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