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The boys of SHINee is back with a new ‘Odd’ music video for the title track of the repacked album of the same name “Married To The Music”!

The repackaged album contains 11 tracks from their 4th previous album ‘View’ and contains 4 other tracks which includes the title track “Married To The Music”.

SHINee - Married to the music poster

The track “Married To The Music” has some funky 80’s vibe showing SHINee’s vocals and harmonization along with their intense and synchronized dancing and with a creepy and odd music video.

Let’s take a deeper look at SHINee’s “Married To The Music” video, shall we?


The music video starts with the boys riding a car to a party, and a mysterious bride starting the music by playing a tape.

During the party, we can see the ‘Frankenstein’ bride trying to make a perfect groom by collecting the body parts of each SHINee member and cutting pictures to design her perfect groom.

In the video, we see her cutting up Key’s head with a knife, taking off Taemin’s eyeballs when they come off after being hit by Onew with a baseball bat, pulling Onew’s nose after he washes his face, kissing Jonghyun’s lips and taking them, and finally, taking Minho’s body after burning his head with the candles from the cake.

married to the music

Then, at the end of the video, we see her perfect groom which has SHINee’s body parts.


Watch SHINee’s “Married To The Music” video below!


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