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SG Wannabe revealed to be making their comeback after four years of hiatus.

Media outlet Ilgan Sports has revealed that SG Wannabe would be returning to the music scene after four years.

The vocal group consists of members Kim Jin Ho, Lee Suk Hoon and Kim Yong Joon, they have been on hiatus following the release of the second part of their seventh full length album back in March of 2011.

According to a broadcast insider, SG Wannabe would be working with composer Jo Young Soo and release a new mini album. It is also said that since it would be their comeback after a long time, they would be working very hard on their comeback. The new track is also said to be a medium tempo track which is a reminiscent of the glory days of the group.

The insider also reveals, “Jo Young Soo has put in lots of effort in order to prepare a song which could surpass ‘Timeless’ and My Person’. It would be a song which the members would be satisfied of. The group would show and upgraded image.”

It is also said that the group decided on their agency to be CJ E&M and had a hard time on choosing their producer, but have eventually decided it to be Jo Young Soo whom the members has a special bond with.


The new mini album of SG Wannabe is said to be released on the middle of August.

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