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2AM member Seulong clarifies rumors about him allegedly scolding and yelling at his manager.

A photo of Seulong allegedly yelling at his manager has spread online. Rumors of Seulong having a bad character has been in the talks by netizens.

Recently, a netizen has uploaded a photo in the social media site Facebook with a caption, “What really did you do wrong?” and with the hastag, ‘#Im Seulong at the back view’. The photo which was posted shows a tall man wearing a suit who was shown to be yelling at another man who looks really scared.


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The said post has garnered a lot of attention from netizens, it was even posted in a popular online community Bestiz with a caption, “Manager being scolded by Im Seulong.”

However, there were also those that defended Seulong, saying that the man does not look like him and that he does not have such character.

Following the said rumors, Im Seulong took to his Twitter account and clarified the allegations against him. “Who is this? [LOL] This is not me. I am not a bad person… [LOL],” Seulong writes.

seulong twitterIndeed, it seems that Seulong was put in an awkward situation as netizens accuse him of something that he did not even do and had to defend himself from such rumors and accusations.

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