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Actress Seo Woo reveals the reason why she disappeared from the entertainment industry for two years.

On the recent broadcast of the SBS show “How to Eat and Live Well,” Seo Woo appeared as a special guest and explains why she was inactive in the entertainment industry for two years.

The actress reveals, “My mother has an autoimmune disease.”

She adds, “I inherited my weak immune system from her. When I was working, I felt a lot of fatigue and pain. It was then that I decided to take some time off for my health. My body was ill, so my mental state was not that good either.”

In the show, Seo Woo also shares her reasons for choosing an acting career. She says, “I have never thought that I would become an actress. I coincidentally met director Jang Jin at a gym and because of that, I was able to debut with my first movie. I was a couple of scenes in Cha Seung Won’s film ‘My Son.’ That was my first step in my acting career.”

Meanwhile, Seo Woo is known for her roles in the dramas “Cinderella’s Sister,” “Glass Mask,” and “The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek-hyang” as well as in the films “The Housemaid,” “Paju” and “Crush and Blush.”

The actress has also signed with her new management agency, Cube Entertainment in June of 2016.


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