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SECRET leader Hyosung talks about the difficulty of trying to please people in her interview with Imagazine Korea.

She reveals, “Back then, the emptiness of being behind the stage was big. I could not fully remember the stage and it all just felt like a dream. I could not turn it back and I realized that the attention of the public would not last forever. The SECRET members and myself cried and struggled a lot. We wanted the public’s attention. It took us a long time to figure out how poorly we were treating ourselves.”

Hyosung then talks about how she was able to overcome her struggles by saying, “I let go, since the struggling was not helping. There was a time when I was not doing well as a celebrity. The industry has a steady stream. New people come and go and things became faster. I decided to just be okay with how things go and now I am at peace.”

She also talks about her new album “Colored” by saying, “I actually started working on this since last fall. Back then, I had been struggling as I was unhappy about my life. However, the composers that I was working with had told me not to mistake success for happiness. It really dawned on me. I was so focused on success and got lonely. I put those feelings on my lyrics.”

Meanwhile, Hyosung’s new solo album “Colored” is set to be released on March 28.


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