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SECRET leader Hyosung has recently received criticisms for bringing food on the set of “Real Men.”

On the recent broadcast of the female special of popular variety show “Real Men,” Hyosung appeared on the show’s set along with some fried chicken which was given to her by a fan. The fan came to the set to give food to Hyosung in hopes that she would not be entering the training facility with an empty stomach. As Hyosung had no time to eat the food, she decided to bring it in instead.

secret hyosung

However, it seems that the kind gesture had turned into trouble as Hyosung got scolded by the drill sergeant and got punished. Moreover, she was criticized by the viewers for allegedly advertising the chicken brand and accused her of trying to cause a scene or being an anti-fan of the show.

Following the criticisms she received, Hyosung then took to her social media account to explain her side, On her Instagram account, she writes, “I write this with a disappointed heart. The chicken had been given to be with the purest intentions from a fan that was worried if I would be entering the training facility with an empty stomach. Because of the snow, I arrived just 10 minutes before entering the training center.”

She adds, “That was what happened and it was not scripted. It was not an advertisement of the brand and I am not an anti-fan. I was thankful that it gave me strength on a cold day. Please avoid from having negative comments and I hope that you would enjoy the show.”


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