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Sechskies members were spotted being together often times that fans speculated that they will be having a reunion. They were once captured(by fans) being together on KBS Building in Yeouido, Seoul last October 20, and it was said that they’ve come to support their leader Eun Ji Won for the show Immortal Song 2. Rumors are spreading that the group is planning their reunion because of them being spotted a few times together these past few weeks.

To clear the issue and rumors a representative responded through the media outlet MyDaily on October 23:

“The Sechskies members have a close friendship and has been meeting up often… In addition to leader Eun Ji Won, the other members have been active on broadcast these days so if they have time, they meet up often… Eun Ji Won recently had a filming for KBS 2TV’s show ‘Immortal Song 2′ so the members were able to have a gathering at KBS. Fans saw that and posted the photos onto community sites, igniting the rumors of Sechskies’ reunion… They only meet up often, it does not mean that they will reunite as a group.”

Another representative reported to media outlet OSEN:

 “The members have been talking about a reunion since 2 years ago. However, it has not been easy for the members to come to an agreement. Although there is talk of them reuniting this year, nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Are you wishing for the rumors to happen? Who misses Sechskies from our readers? <3