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Solo artist Se7en revealed to be making his comeback as a singer.

Se7en has been revealed to be making a comeback under his own label, ELEVEN9 Entertainment.

ELEVEN9 Entertainment’s representative reveals, “Se7en is preparing with the goal of releasing his album in March.”

They also revealed, “This album includes Se7en’s self-composed songs and he is planning to directly produce the album. As he is making his comeback after a long time. He is putting his heart and soul into preparations.”

Se7en’s upcoming comeback would be his first comeback since his last release in 2012.

His contract with former management label YG Entertainment had expired in 2013 while he was still serving his military service. Following his return to his civilian life, he decided not to renew with the agency and established his own label ELEVEN9 Entertainment.

He has recently celebrated the grand opening of the headquarters of his own label, to which YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and fellow YG Entertainment artists have congratulated him.

The singer has been busy for the past year following the establishment of his new label. He went on a tour in Japan in celebration for his tenth anniversary. Moreover, he released a duet song “Die Schatten werden langer” with Kim Seung Dae from his musical “Elizabeth” where he plays the role of Der Tod which is the character of Death.

Se7en is known for his songs, “When I Can’t Sing,” “Love Again,” “Better Together,” and “Comeback to Me.”

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