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Singer Se7en writes a lengthy post about his previous controversial visit to an adult massage parlor during his military service.

A part of his post on Instagram reads:

“I was hesitant to speak up since I did not want my explanation to be the truth that many people did not want to hear.

At that time, the two Thai and Chinese traditional massage parlors were closed and the last place that I visited became an issue.

The reports did not show me going to those parlors, and it was portrayed as if I went to that place with bad intentions.

I waited to receive a massage from a blind person. However, I canceled and left after thinking of the possibility that the parlor itself may cause a misunderstanding.

I did not do anything bad with the people I spoke of and did not have any intention to do so.

All of these facts were revealed in the month-long investigation three years ago. It was ruled to be ‘absent without leave’ and there were no other charges made.

However, it was clearly my fault for leaving the military without any permission.

That caused a lot of impact and self-reflecting on my part.

Right now, I want to become a source of strength to those who give me strength to live. I will work hard to be more careful of my actions and show a good image.”

Back in 2013, Se7en along with Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu were under investigation for visiting a massage parlor, famous for prostitution, while on military duty.

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