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Producer Kang Bong Kyu of KBS2’s “Return of the Superman” talks about the popularity of soccer player Lee Dong Gook’s son Daebak.

His son Daebak has become so popular among the viewers that he is often called as the, “child who has already grown up.”

Producer Kang Bong Kyu reveals, “Even his own mother thought, ‘I do not know how such a child was born.’ When we observe him, it is not only that he is calm, however there are even times when his expressions and glances seem like an older child’s.”

Daebak 2

The producer also reveals, “Also, I do not know if you could called it as being quick-witted, however, often his actions show an understanding of the situation around him. When Daebak can finally speak, there are a lot of things that I want to ask him.”

He adds, “There are even times when Daebak’s actions or expressions seem like he is sending us a message. We show these supposed messages as best as we can through the captions on the show.”

Meanwhile, the show “Return of the Superman” is one of the two segments of KBS2’s Happy Sunday. Celebrity dads are left to care for their children alone without the help of anyone, while their wives leave home to enjoy some vacation.

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