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On the recent episode of Channel A’s talk show, “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” reporter Kim Myo Sung revealed a shocking truth regarding girl group sponsor lists.

Sponsor lists are said to be names of celebrities who are looking for sponsors. These sponsors are often said to be rich and influential men who pay large sum of money and provide support and back up for celebrities in exchange for sexual favors.

Kim Myo Sung reveals, “I have personally met a businessman which received offers to sponsor. He said that he received a list of female stars which included girl groups. I was able to see the list myself and was surprised. The list also includes different tiers and the prices right next to their names.”

She also adds, “People who were famous were in the top tier while the lower tier includes the less popular members in popular girl groups.”

Moreover, Kim Myo Sung also revealed a ‘pregnancy management clause’ in sponsor contracts. She goes to reveal, “When the celebrities get pregnant, they always take care of it (abortion) outside of the country. Also, there are separate expenses for it.”

Recently, Tahiti member Jisoo has revealed on SNS that she has been receiving unwanted sponsorship offers through her Instargram account. Her management agency taking legal action against the broker by officially petitioning the Cyber Crime Investigation unit to look into the potential charges.


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