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Rapper SuperBee released his new song “Ambulance” which talks about his experience on the Mnet rap survival show, “Show Me the Money 4.”

While revealing his side, the rapper also disses Epik High’s Tablo.

On November 13, SuperBee releases his song, “Ambulance,” in which he reveals that Tablo and Incredivle had known each other before the start of the broadcast of the show, and as a result, he had been eliminated unfairly. He also calls him out by saying, “You stole my song and stage ideas.”

He further disses Tablo through his lyrics, “If you take off your mask of mass appeal, you are a Diablo inside. You play politics really well that politicians’ cheeks hurt. No, you should try to run for candidacy.” Moreover, he reveals that Tablo’s hobby is to talk behind the back of Amoeba Culture.

The rapper also includes his phone number at the end of his song and asks Tablo’s fans, as well as his own fans to call him.

It has been known that SuperBee was a contestant on “Show Me the Money 4” and was previously under YG Team, which included producers Tablo and the duo Jinusean. However, as the show progresses, the producers ended up choosing Incredivle over SuperBee. To which he writes in his lyrics, “The concept and items for ‘Oppa’s Car’ were my ideas. I do not understand why I got eliminated.”

Listen to SuperBee’s diss track below!


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