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Former YG Entertainment rapper Prhyme causes a controversy following his comments about his former agency.

Recently, Prhyme left a comment on an article about Yoo Byung Jae. The rapper writes, “I would probably be in that position if I had treated Yang Hyun Suk every night when he was out for drinks. I got tired of that dark spot which is why I ran away after six years. Instead, I chose to take the dirt road. But now, I am happy.”

He later deleted the comment after it caused a stir among netizens but has left another comment saying, “First of all, I did not delete that comment because I am scared of malicious commenters or that it is false. In fact, I will only write about the truth.”

Prhyme also writes, “Moogadang was created to stall time before Big Bang as well as to serve as a gateway for Eun Joo’s solo debut and Baek Kyung’s producing. I knew of the team’s real purpose when it started. But, whatever that was, I became thankful that I also gained attention unexpectedly.”

He also adds, “After I had signed the contract, there became more calls for drinking rather than schedules. It worsened my health, and it made enjoying a typical family dinner on weekends difficult. I did not even drink that much back then which is why I was used as a driver whenever we drink with famous people.”

Lastly, Prhyme reveals, “When my contract ended, I was affected negatively. I gave up on trying to make appearances on broadcasts and started again from the bottom. I will do my best to those who would listen to my voice.”

Prhyme debuted back in 2002 under the group, Moogadang along with SWI.T’s Lee Eun Joo and 1TYM’s Song Baek Kyung.