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BTS member Rap Monster talks about taking dancing solo on stage for “BTS FESTA.”

During annual anniversary party, “BTS FESTA,” of boy group BTS, Rap Monster performed one of Jimin’s solo dances.

Rap Monster dance

When the rehearsal video came out through “Bangtan Bomb,” Rap Monster then took to Twitter to reveal his thoughts on the experience. He reveals, “Seeing the Bangtan Bomb yesterday made me think about that time… To be honest, I am not sure how many times I would be dancing on my own in the future… I often see J-Hope, Jimin or Jungkook dancing. I think that they really look cool and even if I get to see it every day, there are times when it all feels new.”

Rap Monster adds, “Since I think that I should not be a nuisance, I often think that I want to dance better as well.”

He also writes, “My friends next to me really help me out a lot. Thought it was only one part of me that was shown in the ‘Bangtan Bomb,’ I am always thankful… I was glad that I did not make any mistakes and finished it well. It felt very odd and different compared to when I am rapping.”

The BTS member also shares, “Though I always get stressed out because of dancing, I enjoy it as well. I will work hard and try to be cooler with this album as well.”


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