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Rainbow is a seven member South Korean Girl Group under the management company of DSP Entertainment. The group was trained under the DSP media before the girl band KARA was created. Rainbow is an all girl band from the South Korea; they were composed of seven members under the DSP Entertainment. They were known to the public on 15th of January. Before debut, there was this incident that three of the members had left but immediately replaced. They were finally revealed on people’s naked eyes on the 3rd of November, and they had released their first teaser for their song, “Gossip Girl” on November 6.

The members of the group have their corresponding color for name of the band  are namely Kim Jae Kyung (red) , Oh Seung A (indigo), No Eul (blue), Jung Yoon Hye (violet) , Kim Ji Sook (green), Cho Hyun Young (yellow) and  last is Go Woo Ri (orange) respectively.

On the 11th of November, 2009 the group had released their full music video for “Gossip Girl” that has been instantly a hit. Rainbow had made their debut performance in Music Core on the 14th of November, at the same year. Around January 2009, some rumors have been circulated about the DSP’s new girl band, Rainbow, but it was not confirmed until they had revealed on November 3rd. They were called Rainbow because they were a total of seven in the group and Rainbow has seven colors to be formed. The DSP media had trained some of their members for about four years before letting them to have their debut.

In the late October and early November, the DSP Entertainment had released a new picture of Rainbow in each day and then they had released the music video teaser of their debut song afterwards.

As soon as the music video for “Gossip Girl” was released, the next day their mini album was also released that includes a total of 5 songs. After their promotion to that song, the girl band had begun their promotion for the song, “Not Your Girl” that was a response song to the boy group, SS501’s song, “UR Man”

In the early days of August 2010, the group had released a new digital single named “A”. Just recently, the company had released the new album jacket for the album online, and the concept that very much opposes to the rainbow colors has become a hot issue to most people. On the October 19, 2010, their management company DSP had unleashed the group’s concept photos for their new single called “Mach”. The members had transformed into a very sexy dominatrix image for their comeback. The group made their comeback on the 21st of October 2010 in the Mnet M! Countdown.

In April, the girls had released their second mini album entitled, “So Girls”. The title track, named “To Me”, was released for the promotion of the album, and has been charting on a high position with the various online charts in South Korea.