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Actor and singer Rain responds to marriage rumors with girlfriend actress Kim Tae Hee.

In January of 2013, the couple went public with their relationship. Since then, there has been a couple of rumors and speculations of Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s marriage. Another rumor came out stating that the couple is preparing to be married on December 24 in a secret location outside of Seoul.

However, both of the management agencies of the couple have denied the report. Rain’s agency further reveals that he is currently busy with his world tour.

Rain himself has addressed the issue and took to his Instagram account regarding the marriage reports.

Hello… This is Rain, Jung Ji Hoon.

The weather has become very cold. Please be careful so you don’t catch a cold. Up until now, reports regarding a wedding have come out and seems like a lot of people are confused. I am writing this post since I think that it is right that I tell you myself.

Marriage is an important matter of life and is a big deal for the people concerned. It is a very important matter. If we decided to do something big, I will be the one to tell you myself. I consider that as an etiquette to my long-time fans.

From now on, unless that it comes from my own mouth, please do not believe other reports.

Thank you.


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