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Rapper PSY reveals the struggle that he went through after his global hit “Gangnam Style” in 2012.

On the November 24 live stream event of Naver’s V app, PSY catches up with his fans before the release of his new album on December 1. He then reveals the changes that happened to him after “Gangnam Style” became a huge hit.


PSY reveals that he often reads what people say about him online. “When I read such comments, I thought to myself, ‘If a person who is not used to receive compliments is suddenly praised, there is a chance that the person would change,’” he reveals.

He adds, “Day after day, I experience things that were almost unreal, and as a result, I changed a bit. The environment made it impossible to resist change. Fortunately, things did not go as smoothly after that, so I did not change as much as I could have.”

PSY further reveals, “This country taught me not to get excited about things. However, the sudden international attention changed me as a whole, and I also caught the ‘American disease.’ Because of this, I struggled with writing songs. And releasing new songs would always take a long time.”

Meanwhile, PSY would be releasing his seventh studio album on December 1, making it PSY’s first proper comeback in almost three years. One of his songs “ROCKnROLLBABY” would be featuring BLACK EYED PEAS member will.i.am.

PSY album

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