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Trainee Kim So Hye addresses the criticisms about her on Mnet’s survival show “Produce 101” and asks fans to watch over her.

On the show, Kim So Hye has received a lot of hate and was even accused of having power on what happens to the show as fans have noticed that she gets more screen time compared to the other trainees in the show. Some viewers then start to criticize her for having high ranks on the show, despite her current skills.

In light of the criticisms, Kim So Hye clarifies, “I am really not a daughter of Mnet and I am not pulling the strings. Producer Ahn Yoon Young is not married yet, we are not even related.”

Kim So Hye

Later, when the rankings where revealed, Kim So Hye got eight place, to which she commented, “I apologize for being unable to be truly happy on broadcast in front of the people who have chosen me and trusted in me since I got a high ranking despite my talent level. Also, I can’t feel that honored since I still lack skill level. I would practice really hard in order to feel honored with my talent level in the future.”

She adds, “So please, do not hate me and please watch over me from now on. Thank you.”

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