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Park Jin Young talks about his dating experience and on knocking miss A off of first place on the charts.

On the recent broadcast of “Healing Camp,” Park Jin Young reveals that he did not think that miss A’s “Only You” would do well on the charts and is apologetic towards them.

MC Kim Jae Dong jokes, “To know Park Jin Young, you have to know his mama first. ‘Who’s Your Mama’ shot up to first place, and competed with his label’s own artists’ song.”

Park Jin Young then explains, “Currently, there are not so many songs that stay at first place for more than two weeks. But miss A’s ‘Only You’ did better than I expected. It continued to top the charts however it fell to second place when my song came out. I felt apologetic so I bought them food.”

He also adds, “After the release of ‘Don’t Leave Me’ in 1994, every year a track would top the charts for 19 consecutive years. However in 2014, every song I wrote was not so popular. I just wrote ‘Who’s Your Mama’ on a whim. I had no idea it would do well. I wrote it without thinking that I need to make a hit song.”

Park Jin Young then reveals his preference when it comes to women, “I don’t just look at the outward appearance, however when checking out the physical traits, I liked women who have thin waists and wide hips. During blind dates, there was no way for me to check when they are sitting down, so I asked them, ‘what is you height? Do you mind standing up?’”