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Actor Park Hae Jin reveals his thoughts on playing the lead role in the upcoming tvN drama “Cheese in the Trap.”

The upcoming drama is based on a popular web comic of the same name. It stars a student Hong Seol, which would be played by Kim Go Eun, and her boyfriend Yoo Jung which would be played by Park Hae Jin.

Cheese in the trap

In a recent interview with media outlet Star News, the actor reveals, “To be honest, I am worried about whether I could do a great job.”

“There are a lot of actors who look like Yoo Jung more than I do, which is why I am a bit embarrassed that I have taken the role. Honestly, I have declined the offer for a few times,” he adds.

Park Hae Jin then goes to explain why he had accepted the role, “I am now over thirty. When I saw the preliminary script of the drama, I thought that I have played different roles and that I would play more roles in the future, however this could be the last opportunity to play the role of a university student.”

“When I saw the script after, it seemed like it would be a great work, the character as well. So I decided to take the role, it seemed like if I don’t play a university student now, I may not be able to receive casting offers again,” he continues.

Meanwhile, the drama “Cheese in the Trap” is scheduled to air in December.


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