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Another great and outstanding dance moves will be shown by Super Junior-M along with EXO’s Suho and Chen on the upcoming episode of ‘Super Junior-M’s Guesthouse‘!

Before revealing of the guests , Super Junior-M shouted out the girl groups and were eager to see female guests  to show up but were  disappointed when it was to see EXO’s Suho and Chen rather than girl groups.

To remove away any disappointment Kyuhyun requested, “Can you at least do girl group dances?” thus prompting Suho to dance perfectly the cat dance from AOA’s “Like a Cat.”


Eunhyuk said, “Can EXO’s dancing machine Chen and Super Junior-M’s dancing machine Ryeowook show EXID’s dance?”  The two obliged, trying EXID’s “Up & Down,” instead of their  disappointment it turned  out to be of so much fun and laughter as they looked so awkward,

You can watch  the  dance performance of two SMS group  in the  episode of SBS‘s ‘Guesthouse’ which will be  on Jan 4.