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Members of the group Oh My Girl reveals the reason why they promised not to drink alcohol yet.

During Oh My Girl’s recent interview with ‘10asia,’ the members of the group tell the story as to why they do not drink alcohol yet.

When the interviewer asked maknae Arin (currently eighteen in Korean age) as to what she wants to do once she turns twenty years old, she responds, “There are unnies in the group who already have their driver’s licenses. I would like to go driving with them in their cars. Also, once I turn twenty years old, I would like to have a serious talk with the unnies.”

The other members of the group then poke fun at the maknae, saying, “Drinking?”

Seunghee then explains, “We have talked about how fun it would be if Arin would finally turn twenty years old. We could all have a drink and have a serious talk.”

Binnie also shares, “We promised ourselves not to drink alcohol until Arin turns twenty. Even when there is a dinner at the company, we do not drink.”

Arin then expresses her apologies to the older members. Oh My Girl then shares that if Arin gets older, it would also mean that they would get older as well.

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl has released their special summer album, “Listen to My Word,” back in August.

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