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Comedian Noh Hung Chul makes his return to the small screen and talks about ‘driving under the influence’ on MBC’s “Lazy Hitchhiker’s Tour de Europe.”

On the September 27 broadcast of MBC’s Chuseok special of “Lazy Hitchhiker’s Tour de Europe,” Noh Hong Chul has been the center of attention since it is his comeback program.

In the show, Noh Hong Chul, street artist Ryony, travel writer Tae Won Joon, college student Lee Dong Wook, and actor and model Song Won Seok travel to Europe for 20 days with only $150 per person.

While the cast members are hitchhiking, Noh Hong Chul talks about his drunk driving incident.

The driver asks him, “Do you have a driver’s license?” To which Noh Hong Chul flinched a bit before he replies, “My driver’s license got revoked. I made a mistake.” The driver then asks him what his job is, the comedian then responds, “I am an entertainer. However, I lost everything due to drunk driving. I lost everything including my job.”

Noh Hung Chul 2

Then he says to the driver, “Never drink and drive.”

Previously, the comedian was arrested for drunk driving in November of 2014. Later, he issued an apology and withdrew from the television programs he participated in.

Meanwhile, “Lazy Hitchhiker’s Tour de Europe” is a new variety show with four men learning how to become self-sufficient during their stay in Europe for 20 days.


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