Home » Noh Hong Chul withdraws from ‘Infinity Challenge’ and ‘I Live Alone’ because of drunk driving

9c51b1e4e12cdc48a764e1b094904b5dNoh Hong Chui was caught drunk while driving earlier this day and asked for an apology for his actions and that he intended to be released from his current shows.

After the report came out, more news were revealed. He was told to park the car properly but after hearing this, the entertainer drove out out and parked about 20-30 meters and that he was caught by the police.

There were negotiations going on for his future appearances on the show INFINITY CHALLENGE and I LIVE ALONE. but, he also intended to withdraw from the said shows.

His official apology read,

“This is Noh Hong Chul.

I want to sincerely apologize for causing all the viewers concern with the news of my drunk driving early this morning.

Due to a wrong split-second decision, I showed a disappointing side to everyone who has cherished me until now, and for that I feel very sorry. I’m deeply reflecting for not holding up myself in the right manner.

Therefore, I have told the staff of the programs I appear in of my decision to withdraw. This is a decision I made so that I may not cause any further discomfort to all the viewers.

I will hold a time of self-reflection and deeply re-think my actions over and over. I once again apologize to all the viewers.”

The staff of the show have not decided whether they will the footage or edit it out