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2PM member Nichkhun talks about his passion for acting on his recent interview and photo shoot in Thailand with Singles magazine.

He reveals his thoughts on acting by saying, “I do feel passionate about acting. However. I am not being picky with regards to my roles. I just like to have one that fits me well. I like humorous and light characters. I believe my time would come if I work hard!”

Nichkhun also reveals that he is preparing to start his acting career in South Korea.

When asked if he thinks of himself as person who is nice, he replies, “I am already 29 years old. It is no fun if someone who is nearly 30 is just nice. I do speak out if I do not like something. However, some people may take that the wrong way though.”

Nichkhun also reveals that he has been recently into golfing these days by saying, “When I golf, I could just forget about everything and focus on the game and myself. Whatever the outcome would be, I know that I could not control that. Which is why I have decided to focus on what I want and love to do.”

Aside from promoting with 2PM, Nichkhun is also known for his roles on the Chinese dramas, “One and a Half Summer” and “Looking For Aurora.”

Meanwhile, fans would be able to get the full interview and the complete set of photos in the April issue of Singles magazine.

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