Home » NH Media reveals that Eli’s wife is 11 years older than him

NH Media releases a statement following U-KISS Eli’s surprising announcement of his marriage and fatherhood on his Instagram account.

NH Media reveals, “Eli dated his current wife for 5 years despite their 11 year age difference. She was once a model, and the age on her profile is currently wrong. They have filed their marriage license on June 5 of last year and we have heard about it in October of last year from Eli himself. The management agency was shocked on one hand, however accepted it.”

They add, “Eli is in a group and he thought that he might affect the other members as well as the label. Which is why he did not even have a proper marriage, and we were discussing about when to make the announcement. We heard of his wife’s pregnancy in early November and we were talking actively with him to try and figure out when to reveal it.”

NH Media also reveals, “Eli’s wife had always avoided other people’s gazes and it caused a lot of stress to the child and his wife, so Eli gathered up the courage to announce it on his Instagram account and he let us know. He was sorry since he felt it might have hurt the label as well as the other members.”

The label also reveals that it would have no effect on his promotions. Eli would continue filming for his drama as well as his Korean-Chinese film. U-KISS on the other hand will go on as a group with their promotions.

Meanwhile, U-KISS leader Soohyun has also shared his thoughts following Eli’s announcements.